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By Martine Haak, Rudolf Jong, Professor of Arabic and Islam Kees Versteegh

This quantity brings jointly 22 contributions to the examine of Arabic dialects, from the Maghreb to Iraq by means of authors, who're all famous for his or her paintings during this box. It underscores the significance of other theoretical methods to the learn of dialects, constructing new frameworks for the research of edition and alter within the dialects, whereas featuring new info on dialects (e.g., of Jaffa, Southern Sinai, Nigeria, South Morocco and Mosul) and cross-dialectal comparisons (e.g., at the female gender and on relative clauses). This assortment is gifted to Manfred Woidich, some of the most eminent students within the box of Arabic dialectology.

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D versus µà" in history If one examines the historical developments of /∂/ and /µ/ and their distribution in the old Arabic dialects, the existence of a stage where [∂] and [µ] were distinguished phonemically becomes precarious. The thesis that the emphatic stop descends from Proto-Semitic voiced lateral fricative, say [ ], is now widely accepted. To my mind, Steiner (1976) and Corriente (1974) present a strong argument in this direction. Corriente (1974:51), starting from the stage where the emphatic voiced lateral fricative was phonemically distinguished from /µ/, outlines a convincing course of events leading to the present situation.

Dieser Hilfsvokal hat keinen Einfluß auf die Betonung: falla˙≈n mà raddát i“ Bauern sie antwortete nicht mà bisafír i“ mà bi“úf u“ er verreist nicht er sieht nicht Ist die letzte Silbe offen oder nur einfach geschlossen, wird vom Wortende gerechnet die erste lange Silbe (KvK, K√) betont: yi“tí©lu sie arbeiten yí“ti©el er arbeitet Der Ton geht jedoch nicht über die drittletzte Silbe hinaus: kannásato sie kehrte ihn 3. 1 Personalpronomen Wie in den meisten Ansässigendialekten des vorderen Orients ist die Genusunterscheidung im Plural aufgegeben.

Rom: Università degli Studi La Sapienza. —— 1998. Lineamenti di lingua berbera: Varietà tamazight del Marocco centrale. Rom: Università degli Studi La sapienza. Grand’Henry, Jacques. 1976–1978. “La syntaxe du verbe en arabe parlé maghrébin”. 211–224. Guironnet, M 1954. “©à- un outil linguistique polyvalent chez les Ulàd Ya'qub des Srà©na”. 425–433.   LÀ- 19 Harrell, Richard. S. 1966. A Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic: Moroccan-English. : Georgetown University Press. Khan, Geoffrey.

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