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By Kash L. Mittal, J. Drelich, Laskowski

This e-book chronicles the court cases of the overseas Symposium on obvious and Microscopic touch Angles, held along with the yank Chemical Society assembly in Boston, August 24-27, 1998. The e-book is split into 4 components: Nanoscopic and Molecular results on touch Angles; floor Forces and floor loose strength; Wetting of Heterogeneous, tough and Curved Surfaces; Dynamic results in touch attitude Measurements. one of the subject matters coated are: touch line rigidity dimension; liquid drop floor topography; molecular mechanisms of hydrophobic transitions; stereochemical and conformational features of polymer surfaces; selection of acid-base homes of steel oxides and polymers by means of touch attitude dimension; van Oss--Good conception of acid-base floor unfastened energies; AFM dimension of forces; skinny liquid movies; wettability of flat and curved surfaces; touch perspective hysteresis; components affecting touch perspective meassurements; dynamic wetting habit; and influence of surfactants on wetting.

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