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By Pavel Kindlmann, A.F.G. Dixon, J.P. Michaud

This ebook offers thoroughly novel, but unpublished findings on aphid inhabitants dynamics and ecology within the context of contemporary environmental adjustments and heavily comparable matters. it may be used as complementary textual content in any direction on inhabitants dynamics and ecology of crop pests at undergraduate or graduate degrees. The booklet is meant quite often for graduate scholars, researchers in crop technological know-how, crop security, agricultural advisors and bosses, however it would definitely allure awareness of many other folks drawn to insect pests, their organic keep an eye on and ecology.

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Eur J Entomol 96:149–156 Wilcove DS, Rothstein D, Dubow J, Phillips A, Losos E (1998) Quantifying threats to imperiled species in the United States. BioScience 48:607–615 Williams RS, Lincoln DE, Norby RJ (2003) Development of gypsy moth larvae feeding on red maple saplings at elevated CO2 and temperature. Oecologia 137:114–122 Woodward FI (1987) Climate and plant distribution. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Zhou X, Harrington R, Woiwod IP, Perry JN, Bale JS, Clark SJ (1995) Effects of temperature on aphid phenology.

Ameixa 2 Aphids in a Changing World 37 Fig. 2 Hypothetical evolutionary history of aphids. For abbreviations of extinct taxa see Fig. 1. The category “on gymnosperms” includes tribes considered to be primitively associated with gymnosperms. K/T=Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, J/K= Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary, T/J= Triassic/Jurassic boundary (adapted from Von Dohlen and Moran 2000, with permission of the authors) Acknowledgements I would like to thank to António Pombinho for his support and critical reading of the early versions of this manuscript.

Nevertheless, the paleontological data provide a good record of how insects have responded to previous climatic changes. The evidence indicates that aphids are most likely to move to different geographical locations in order to track more suitable conditions, which may be more difficult than in the past because of habitat fragmentation and habitat loss. C. pt P. Kindlmann et al. V. C. 1 Introduction Planet Earth has experienced many significant climatic changes. One of the most important parameters associated with climatic change is the carbon dioxide (CO2 ) concentration in the atmosphere.

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