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This interesting new sequence makes use of colourful photographs, easy textual content labels, and enjoyable "I undercover agent" video games to introduce curious preschoolers to the area.

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When you get your own solar electrical system, it’s yours,” Debby explains. “You’re not dependent on a power company. ” MARGIE RICHARD Activist and Former Middle School Teacher Old Diamond, Louisiana In 2001, Margie Richard traveled to a city called The Hague, in the Netherlands, to attend a board of directors meeting for one of the most powerful oil companies in the world. She was holding on to a valuable piece of evidence—a plastic bucket containing a bag of contaminated air from her hometown in Louisiana.

EL HIJO DEL SANTO (“SON OF THE SAINT”), Champion Masked Wrestler Mexico City, Mexico 10. ” BARRY GUILLOT, Middle School Science Teacher Destrehan, Louisiana 11. ” SARAH JAMES, Spokesperson, Gwich’in Indian People of Alaska and Canada Arctic Village, Alaska 12. Safeguarding the California Coast “We are the future. ” ERICA FERNANDEZ, Student and Environmental Activist Oxnard, California How You Can Get Involved Acknowledgments Photo Credits Introduction On a beach in Southern California, a teenage girl from Mexico becomes a leader in the fight to protect her town from a dangerous polluter.

Will also travels across the United States, Africa, and Central Asia to help people grow food more efficiently in ways that fit in with their own culture. “We’re in a worldwide food crisis right now,”he says. “A lot of people are hungry. ” Will’s vision for the city farm of the future is a multi-storied building, angled toward the sun. This idea, called “vertical farming,” is a new way to help feed more people. “You grow fish on the bottom floor and pump the water up to the top floor. Then the water is piped down from floor to floor, through beds of growing plants.

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