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By Gustavo Maroni

Drosophila, the typical fruit fly, is the main largely studied of all organisms from the perspective of genetics and cytology. This atlas summarizes what's identified concerning the nearly a hundred Drosophila genes for which the full nucleotide series is understood. each one access incorporates a description of the gene's molecular association and expression, the full nucleotide and amino acid sequences, maps of attention-grabbing constructions, highlights of sensible positive aspects and promoter regulatory areas, and chosen references to the first literature. A separate element of the atlas considers diverse elements of gene association as they ensue within the Drosophila genome. issues coated comprise dimension correlations between a number of genetic parts, splicing indications, translation initiation signs, and codon bias. The paintings represents a brand new milestone in summarizing present info and making it simply available to geneticists and biologists.

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