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By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing hundreds of thousands of contemporary Albanian phrases again to their origins. It comprises unique details at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on various loanwords coming from historical Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic.

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II 76) derived from *bull < PAlb *bulna, etymologically connected with IE *bhela- `to swell' (OREL ZfBalk XXIII/1 68). 0 MEYER Wb. 53 (from Rom *bullaca); SCHMIDT KZ L 236 (compares with Gk TiAlov BARK AArbSt II1-2 144-145 (< bu- + lunge); cABEJ St. I 82 (connects bullunge with balle), Etim. II 368-370 (to mu/l& — mulle). bulb& m 'street dust'. Borrowed from Lat pulverem 'dust'. Note the bung m, pl. bunga 'kind of oak, Quercus sessiflora'. From PAlb 42 BURDHE BURRE *bun(i)ka derived from IE *bheu- `to grow' and closely related to Arm bun 'trunk' (cABEJ St.

53 (borrowed from Rom *bulluca and related to bule and/or to melle); SCHMIDT KZ L 236 (to bule < *bhulnd in connection with Gk yalov `leaf'); BART( AArbSt. 1144-145 (follows MEYER' s comparison with melle); cABEJ St. I 82 (agrees with BARK). bane f, pl. bana 'dwelling'. From PAlb *banti, a nti-derivative of bej `to make, to do' (for semantic parallels see cABEJ I 52). 0 JOKL Studien 6-8 (from IE *bhouono-, cf. Skt bhavana- 'dwelling, home' despite the irregularity of Tosk -n- < *-n-); MANN Language XXVI 382; cABEJ 51-52 (explains bane as a Geg participle of bej identical with Tosk bere but bane is well attested in both dialects of Albanian), Etim.

Rom. II 3236; ROSETrI ILR I 273; RESTELLI RIL XCI 467 (to Germ Burste); OLBERG Festschr. Bonfante 566; MANN Language XVII 13, Comp. 67 (identical with bashke `together'; was borrowed from Thracian or ancient Macedonian); VRACIU LB VIII 20 (from substratum); CABO I 58 (to Gk qipao; 'piece, part' and its cognates), Etim. II 178-180; DEMIRAJ AE 93 (identical with bashke `together'). bashke adv. 'together'. Goes back to PAlb *hakska related to Latfascis `bundle', fascia 'band, bandage' (MEYER Alb. St.

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