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By Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot expands her large fan base with this just a little darker, extra mysterious novel - with no wasting any of her signature center and humor.


Emerson Watts didn’t even are looking to visit the recent SoHo Stark Megastore grand beginning. yet a person had to glance out for her sister, Frida, whose weigh down, British heartthrob Gabriel Luna, will be making a song and signing autographs there—along with the newly appointed Face of Stark, youngster stick insect sensation Nikki Howard.

How was once Em to grasp that catastrophe might strike, altering her,and existence as she’d identified it, endlessly?

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Which would be why Frida (it was Mom’s turn to do the naming when my little sister was born, and so she got stuck being called Frida, after Frida Kahlo – Mom’s a women’s studies professor at NYU – a feminist Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits featuring her uni-brow and moustache) was as thrilled to have me along to the Stark Megastore grand opening as I was to be going with her. Um, not. ’ she whined. ‘Why does Em have to come with me? ’ ‘Em is not going to ruin everything,’ Mom said, rolling her eyes at Frida’s dramatics.

I rolled my eyes. ’ Christopher wanted to know. ‘Friend of Nikki’s,’ I translated. ‘According to last month’s COSMOgirl! ’ ‘Wait . . ’ Christopher looked even more confused. If it didn’t have to do with a computer or computer game, Christopher often didn’t know what it was. This was what set him so adorably apart from every other guy at TAHS. ‘You know. People who are in the media all the time, but they’re only Famous For Being Famous,’ I explained to him. ‘They’ve never done anything to get famous – because they don’t have any talent?

Christopher’s smile was slightly crooked. ‘But I know it had something to do with short shorts. ’ Slowly I shook my head. Sometimes I think high school is just something society puts teenagers through as a sort of test to see if we’ve got the stamina to handle the real world. It’s a test I’m pretty sure I’m failing. Two You would think on weekends I’d get a respite. You know, from the Whitney Robertsons of the world. The problem is, my little sister is turning into one. A Whitney, I mean. Oh, she’s not quite as bad as the Queen of Mean.

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