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By Julie Kerr Casper

Explores the most very important makes use of of the land: the construction of agriculture. This ebook is helping readers study that farms and ranches produce even more than meals; yet scientists, farmers, ranchers, and different landowners have not solved conservation difficulties - but.

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A natural functioning ecosystem can easily be thrown out of balance by an invading species. Controlling weeds usually involves the help of several people. It involves awareness, detec- 23 24 agriculture tion, prevention, planning, treatment, coordination, and monitoring to solve the problem. Examples of invasive weeds include purple loosestrife (in the eastern and western United States); spotted knapweed (in the eastern and western Weed Multiplication In order to understand the severity of the invasive weed problem and the rapid expansion of weed communities, we will look at the rate of reproduction of one knapweed during the course of 10 years.

Agricultural resources involve ecosystems, which are fragile and complex. All elements of living systems are interwoven; if one element is affected, the entire system is affected. Compare these interactions to a car: A car will work well as long as all the individual components are being taken care of and functioning right; but, if suddenly, one of the parts is neglected and stops working properly— for example, if the car runs out of gas—it impacts the entire system. If one component stops working the way it should, the entire system is jeopardized, and until that one component is managed correctly, the system fails or is unproductive.

Farmers also put out salt and mineral blocks for the cattle to lick. 15 16 agriculture Rectangular bales of hay produced from a baler. S. Department of Agriculture; photo by Ken Hammond) concepts of agriculture Sheep are another common farm animal. There are about 800 breeds of domesticated sheep in the world. Some sheep are used to produce milk and cheese. Farmers also harvest their wool to make clothes and blankets. Some farmers raise llamas to protect the sheep. A llama is a member of the camelid family, but it does not have humps like its cousin, the camel.

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