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Weimar’s Political Crisis | 23 Supreme Court In order to settle different interpretations of law, a Supreme Court was created. Key question What were the arguments for and against the terms of Weimar Constitution? The issues of controversy Since the Weimar Republic lasted only 14 crisis-ridden years, it is hardly surprising that its written constitution has been the focus of considerable attention. Some historians have gone so far as to argue that the real causes of the collapse of the Republic and the success of Hitler and National Socialists can be found in its clauses.

What the Constitution could not control were the conditions and circumstances in which it had to operate. And the Weimar Republic had other more serious problems than just the Constitution, such as the Treaty of Versailles and its socioeconomic problems. As Theodor Heuss, the first president of the German Federal Republic in 1949, said: ‘Germany never conquered democracy for herself. ’ 26 | From Second Reich to Third Reich: Germany 1918–45 Therefore, it seems unrealistic to imagine that any piece of paper could have resolved all Germany’s problems after 1918.

No. of seats 423 June 1920. 2%. No. 3: Reichstag election results 1919–20. ) Weimar’s Political Crisis | 45 Weimar governments The Weimar Republic not only faced overt opposition from both the extremes but also its democratic supporters struggled with the practical problem of creating and maintaining workable government coalitions. 5). 5: Governments of the Weimar Republic 1919–23 Period in office Chancellor Make-up of the coalition 1919 1919–20 1920 1920–1 1921–2 1922–3 Philipp Scheidemann Gustav Bauer Hermann Müller Konstantin Fehrenbach Joseph Wirth Wilhelm Cuno SPD, ZP, DDP SPD, ZP, DDP SPD, Centre, DDP ZP, DDP, DVP SPD, DDP, ZP ZP, DDP, DVP Conclusion The success of the democratic parties in the Reichstag elections of January 1919 at first disguised some of Weimar’s fundamental problems in its political structure.

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