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Learn of the Geography of one Enoch 17-19 examines the travels of the patriarch Enoch who's given a guided journey of impressive and now and then terrifying areas situated in the course of the cosmos. Coblentz Bautch clarifies the textual content of one Enoch 17-19 through explaining how the websites defined relate to each other geographically and via reconstructing the psychological map of the geography that lies in the back of the textual descriptions. particularly provocative is the glory of assets from the traditional close to East, Hebrew Bible and the realm of Hellenistic Judaism that can have knowledgeable the realm view of one Enoch 17-19 and parallel traditions. via this examine an immense side of apocalypses is illumined: their portrayal of geography and sacred area.

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41 Again, Nickelsburg suggests that 1 Enoch 17–19 was not produced to supplement chapters 12–16, but was secondarily attached to those chapters. 43 I find Nickelsburg’s reconstruction of the development of the Book of the Watchers, especially 1 Enoch 17–19, more convincing than that of Milik. Especially problematic are the lack of transition between 1 Enoch 16:4 and 17:1 and subsequent awkward narrative. It seems likely that the text as it now stands is the result of a later redactor awkwardly trying to adapt an independent Enochic tradition to the growing narrative.

78 ‘Greek and Latin Apocalypses,’ 159–60. Bauckham approaches the topic from another angle: he describes the Greek accounts of descents to Hades as revelatory literature—that is, as apocalypses—providing ancient audiences with revelations concerning the journey the deceased take and the fate of dead. See The Fate of the Dead: Studies on the Jewish and Christian Apocalypses (NovTSup 93; Leiden: Brill, 1998), 28, 32. SECTION TWO DESCRIPTION OF THE GEOGRAPHY OF 1 ENOCH 17–19 This page intentionally left blank SECTION TWO DESCRIPTION OF THE GEOGRAPHY OF 1 ENOCH 17–19 O  S 2 This section offers a close analysis of the geography in 1 Enoch 17–19 and its parallel traditions.

29 Cf. Nickelsburg, Jewish Literature between the Bible and the Mishnah, 55; Milik, Books of Enoch, 25. Charles (Book of Enoch or 1 Enoch, xlviii) notes 17–19’s “close affinity to 20–36, since 186–9 is a doublet of 241–3, 1811 of 217–10,” and “1812–16, of 211–6”. 30 Das Buch Henoch Übersetzt und Erklärt (Leipzig: Wilhelm Vogel, 1853), 121.   21 nations of the tour from 1 Enoch 21–36 that are noticeably absent in 1 Enoch 17–19 are the visits to Jerusalem and environs (1 Enoch 26–27) and to the garden of righteousness in the east or northeast (1 Enoch 28–32).

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