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By Ruth Suckow

A dozen tales describe the lives of people who locate energy of their goals, and thoughts of small-town childhoods.

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My God, Susan, I can't change things! " She was not too loyal to wonder sometimes, now, if the hold of the two old women was still so inevitable. She had made him a different person from the solitary man she had passed upon the street. The compensation and sustainment had done their work. That terrible hold did not sap all his strength or turn his energy into hopeless brooding. He had a secret pride. And although he still shunned dances and social meetingsand made Susan shun themin his old misanthropic way, he was no longer afraid to meet other men.

The warm weather lasted on into the fall; and on Sunday they were to drive as usual to the Four Corners. Susan dragged herself out of her tired inertia and got up in good time on Sunday morning so that she could bathe, wash and wave her hair, and press her white-silk sleeveless dress. Now, in the bright daylight, she wondered why she should dread this meeting. She thought of their long time together. One meeting like this could not really end itnot with the leaves still on the trees, dahlias still scarlet out in the garden, only one red branch on the big soft-maple tree.

Let him come, let him take her now, claim her, keep her.... He telephoned the bare news to hera guarded voice, withdrawn and strange. He could not see her just now. He would manage it tomorrow. But after all these years, on this perfect night, it was terrible to be thrown back again into the old tense suspension of living. She ate a solitary dinner, stood at the window awhile, and went to bed. The news made its small uproar in the town. Not because of the Doctor's mother herselfshe had been, in her own person, almost forgottenbut because of the way her death would affect the Doctor and Susan.

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