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Talia fell lower than a spell . . . . Jack broke the curse. i used to be instructed to watch out the accursed spindle, however it used to be so spell binding, so hypnotic. . . . i used to be searching for a bit event the day I ditched my travel team. yet discovering a comatose city, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, was once so now not what I had in brain. I woke up within the similar position yet in one other time—to a stranger's tender kiss. i could not support kissing her. occasionally you simply need to kiss a person. i did not understand this is able to take place. Now i'm in dire hassle simply because my father, the king, says i've got introduced wreck upon our state. i've got no selection yet to run away with this commoner! Now i am caught with a bratty princess and a trunk jam-packed with her jewels. . . . the good news: My mom and dad will freak! imagine you may have courting matters? test locking lips with a napping stunner who seems to be 316 years outdated. Can a kiss go beyond all—even time?

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They won’t ask me what I did the past week. They don’t care what I’m doing. And I hate going to all those stupid museums. ” Travis stops pulling. “Wow. ” I thought I was just making stuff up to get Trav to do what I want, but I have this sort of sick feeling in my stomach. I’m telling the truth. My parents haven’t called in two weeks, except once to ask me if I signed up for AP Government next year for school, and this trip is doing nothing to make me forget about Amber. I see her face in every painting in every museum—especially that Degas guy, who painted girls with no faces at all.

Not that she looks like Amber, because she doesn’t. Amber’s beautiful in a normal, human way. But, compared to this girl, Amber’s total chopped liver. And somehow, just looking at her, I know she isn’t like Amber. She wouldn’t dump someone for a guy with a cooler car. ” Travis says. ” The weird thing is, I think I am. Stupid. “She’s asleep. You could . ” Travis looks at the door. “. . ” “No, I wasn’t. ” “Right and wrong’s getting kind of fuzzy for me. Was it 50 wrong to ditch the tour? Was it wrong to lie to Mindy?

I stare at her. Her face is like crumpled silk, and her hair the color of paper. ” “When I was your age, fifteen. ” I gasp, but the old woman holds my gaze. “What would you wish for, Your Highness? ” Her voice is very nearly hypnotic. “Be not afraid. ” My freedom. Or love. Or . . travel. I wish to travel the world, to be not a princess trapped in a protected existence, but a human girl. Silly thought. I cannot do that. “I think . ” She nods and moves aside to make room for me on the bench. Her movement is less labored than before.

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