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By Vladimir E. Orel

The articles are fairly attention-grabbing, however the booklet is a bit marred by means of forty eight misprinted pages within the s phrases.

One wishes the pdf to right this..

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ZfslavPh - Zeitschrift für slavische Philologie. Leipzig-Heidelberg, 1924–. ZÖG - Zeitschrift für die österreichischen Gymnasien. Wien, 1850–1928. ZONF - ZfOrt. ZSSR - Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtgeschichte. Germanistische Abteilung. Z Gutt. - Z, E. Die germanischen Gutturale. Berlin: Weidmann, 1896. ABBREVIATIONS Languages Alb - Albanian Arm - Armenian Av - Avestan Balt - Baltic Bret - Breton Burg - Burgundian Chuv - Chuvash Crim. Goth - Crimean Gothic Dor - Doric Du - Dutch E - English EGmc - East Germanic ELith - East Lithuanian Ethio-Sem - Ethio-Semitic Etr - Etruscan Finn - Finnish Flem - Flemish Fr - French G - German Gaul - Gaulish Gep - Gepidic Gk - Greek Gmc - Germanic Goth - Gothic Grg - Georgian Hbr - Hebrew Hom - Homeric Hung - Hungarian Icel - Icelandic IE - Indo-European Ion - Ionic Iran - Iranian Lat - Latin Latv - Latvian LG - Low German Lith - Lithuanian MDu - Middle Dutch ME - Middle English Messap - Messapic MGk - Middle Greek MHG - Middle High German MIr - Middle Irish MPers - Middle Persian MW - Middle Welsh Myc - Mycenaean NCauc - North Caucasian Norw - Norwegian NPers - Modern Persian OCS - Old Church Slavonic OE - Old English OESc - Old East Scandinavian OFrank - Old Frankish OHG - Old High German OHung - Old Hungarian OIr - Old Irish OLFr - Old Low Frankish ON - Old Norse OPic - Old Picardian OPrus - Old Prussian OS - Old Saxon Osc - Oscan OSwed - Old Swedish OW - Old Welsh PAlb - Proto-Albanian Phryg - Phrygian PIE - Proto-Indo-European Pkt - Prakrit Pol - Polish Rom - Romance Russ - Russian Sem - Semitic Skt - Sanskrit (including Vedic) Slav - Slav(on)ic Slvn - Slovene Sum - Sumerian Sweb - Swebian Swed - Swedish Umb - FIND W - Welsh WGmc - West Germanic Yns - Yenisseyan Grammatical terms acc.

Sprachvergleichung und Urgeschichte. I–II. Jena: Costenoble, 1906–1907. S Idg. - S, O. Die Indogermanen. Leipzig: Quelle & Meyer, 1919. S-K Idg. - S, O. Die Indogermanen. Hrsg. von H. K. Leipzig: Quelle & Meyer, 1935. S-N - S, O. Reallexikon der indogermanischen Altertumskunde. Hrsg. A. N. I–II. Berlin-Leipzig: W. de Gruyter, 1917–1929. S BC - S, P. Studies in British Celtic Historical Phonology. AmsterdamAtlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1995.

Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der indogermanischen Sprachen. I–III. Hrsg. von J P. Berlin-Leipzig: de Gruyter, 1927–1932. W Verbalfl. - W, C. Geschichte der indogermanische Verbalflexion. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1969 [= Indogermanische Grammatik III/1]. ). The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1985. WF - Westfälische Forschungen. Münster, 1938–. WGE - Current trends in West Germanic etymological lexicography. Leiden: Brill, 1993.

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