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By William D. Pederson

A spouse to Franklin D. Roosevelt offers a suite of historiographical essays by means of top students that gives a finished overview of the scholarship at the president who led the us in the course of the tumultuous interval from the nice melancholy to the waning days of global battle II.

  • Represents a cutting-edge overview of present scholarship on FDR, the one president elected to 4 phrases of place of work and the imperative determine in key occasions of the 1st 1/2 the twentieth century
  • Covers all features of FDR's lifestyles and instances, from his overall healthiness, relationships, and ultimate courtroom packing, to New Deal regulations, institutional matters, and diplomacy
  • Features 35 essays by means of top FDR students

Chapter One FDR Biographies (pages 1–14): Kenneth E. Hendrickson
Chapter Eleanor Roosevelt Biographies (pages 15–33): Norman W. Provizer
Chapter 3 Pre?Presidential profession (pages 34–58): Timothy W. Kneeland
Chapter 4 actual and mental wellbeing and fitness (pages 59–76): Robert P. Watson
Chapter 5 The Election of 1932 (pages 77–95): Donald A. Ritchie
Chapter Six The 1936–1944 Campaigns (pages 96–113): Sean J. Savage
Chapter Seven city and neighborhood pursuits (pages 114–134): Stefano Luconi
Chapter 8 Minorities (pages 135–154): Cherisse Jones?Branch
Chapter 9 exertions (pages 155–185): Martin Halpern
Chapter Ten company (pages 186–205): Patrick D. Reagan
Chapter 11 competitors at domestic and out of the country (pages 206–221): Joseph Edward Lee
Chapter Twelve FDR as a Communicator (pages 222–237): Betty Houchin Winfield
Chapter 13 the hot Deal (pages 238–258): June Hopkins
Chapter Fourteen The Banking main issue (pages 259–278): James S. Olson and Brian Domitrovic
Chapter Fifteen FDR and Agriculture (pages 279–297): Jean Choate
Chapter 16 Conservation (pages 289–317): Byron W. Daynes
Chapter Seventeen Political tradition (pages 318–339): Richard M. Fried
Chapter Eighteen Human Rights (pages 340–361): Wesley okay. Mosier
Chapter Nineteen The Institutional Presidency (pages 362–384): Rodney A. Grunes
Chapter Twenty Political and Administrative kind (pages 385–404): Margaret C. Rung
Chapter Twenty?One The Congress (pages 405–426): John Thomas McGuire
Chapter Twenty?Two The preferrred courtroom (pages 427–442): Stephen okay. Shaw
Chapter Twenty?Three the yank army (pages 443–458): Lance Janda
Chapter Twenty?Four technology and know-how (pages 459–479): Peter ok. Parides
Chapter Twenty?Five Intelligence (pages 480–492): R. Blake Dunnavent
Chapter Twenty?Six kin with the British and French (pages 493–516): Kevin E. Smith
Chapter Twenty?Seven family with Canada (pages 517–541): Galen Roger Perras
Chapter Twenty?Eight the great Neighbor coverage and the Americas (pages 542–563): Michael R. Hall
Chapter Twenty?Nine relatives with the Soviet Union (pages 564–589): William E. Kinsella
Chapter Thirty family members with China and India (pages 590–611): William Ashbaugh
Chapter Thirty?One kinfolk with Japan (pages 612–635): William Ashbaugh
Chapter Thirty?Two family with Italy and Nazi Germany (pages 636–652): Regina U. Gramer
Chapter Thirty?Three family members with Spain and eu Neutrals (pages 653–671): David A. Messenger
Chapter Thirty?Four foreign Legacy (pages 672–689): Mary Stockwell
Chapter Thirty?Five Political acceptance (pages 690–709): Patrick J. Maney

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It was through those interactions that Roosevelt would discover that being an assertive and independent woman was a possibility, not a fantasy. The year before Cook’s second volume was published in 1999, Betty Boyd Caroli added, in The Roosevelt Women (1998), that Roosevelt also grew within the context of the strong women found in her own family. Cook continued the idea that Roosevelt should be understood in proactive as opposed to reactive terms, as a leader who pursued her visions of a better world in self-motivated fashion, in volume two of her Roosevelt biography, which covers the first half (1933–8) of her White House years.

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