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By Ioanne K. Lekea

Were the participants of 17N people with excessive ethical rules, as they claimed, who did their most sensible to guard the civilians who occurred to be inside their box of operations? Or have been they just violent guerillas who prioritized profitable assassinations in their ambitions at any fee? The textual research of this booklet addresses those questions and reports 17N from inception to the time whilst its contributors have been arrested, delivering a uniquely thorough exam of the association manifestos and its correlation to the group's ideology and genuine practices.

17N's Philosophy of Terror: An research of the Revolutionary Organization 17 November progressive Organization first outlines the political and ideological framework of 17Ν after which describes their terrorist procedure and strategies. The authors ponder those operations within the context of the manifestos that the terrorist acts, and finish the paintings by means of addressing the occasions following the apprehension of 17N members—the trial, the verdicts, the charm trial, and the belief of allure trial.

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Percentages that . . are huge, and have panicked the whole of the regimental parties: Because they know well that in reality these percentages are much greater, that they legitimize our armed activities and show in an indisputable way that the vast majority of people is on our side and they support us. 23 Third, they make use of the results of the elections of June, 18, 1989 in the Proclamation of October 11, 1989, noting that . . although we do not believe that they are not representative of our real potential and they present it smaller than it is in reality.

For the organization, per the Proclamation of December 19, 1990, this is the proof that As far as the financial side is concerned, today, 10 years after the admission of our country in the EEC, it is proven that it brought the opposite from the expected results. Not only did they not achieve the infamous convergence and the progressive obliteration of the structural differences of our country, but in the contrary the situation of the Greek economy got worse, while the difference grew at our loss.

To exterminate through the systematic genocide that is carried out by the monstrous fascism bombardments, a whole population with culture that goes back thousands of years, killing 4,200 children and senior citizens and tens of thousands noncombatant civilians in the glory of the holiness of human life. To not hesitate to go into war and the unavoidable consequence this decision has, a huge ecological disaster with incalculable consequences for the area as well as for the whole of humanity. We observe the triumph of the fascist practices of the West.

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