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One of many winningest department I coaches of all time brings you over a hundred functional, easy-to-teach pitching drills to aid coaches advance pitching excellence in avid gamers of all age teams. Covers lower-, middle-, and upper-body mechanics drills, drills for bettering speed and keep an eye on, fielding talents, pickoff strikes, warming up and conditioning, or even drills for correcting universal flaws. Dozens of photos and representation accompany the easy-to-understand textual content.

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It should be noted, however, that his knee does not actually touch the ground during this normal push-off; it should merely drive in that direction. Page 34 Drill #17: Heel Over with Lift and Circle Objective: To help the pitcher coordinate his push-off with the release and follow-through of his throw. Description: The drill involves placing the pitchers in one or two lines facing the coach. The lines should be kept small enough so that each pitcher is in the coach's line of sight. The drill begins by having the pitcher simulate throws from the stationary stride position.

The pigeon-toed position, however, should not be exaggerated. Some pitchers try to get their weight on the inside ball of the foot by raising the heel of that foot. The weight of these pitchers ends up on the toe of the foot rather than the ball of the foot. The entire stride foot should be in contact with the ground. The bulk of the pitcher's weight should transfer to the inside part of the foot. The ball of the foot should hold the weight. The weight should not be shifted to the heel and should not be allowed to drift to the outside part of the foot.

Each pitcher then drags his push-off foot toward his stride foot. After touching the heel of his stride foot with his push-off foot, he should place it in a proper push-off position. Next, he lifts his stride leg slightly and takes another walking-stride step toward the target. The process is then repeated. As it is repeated, and as the pitcher begins to get the feel of striding properly, the stride leg can be lifted higher. A great deal of attention should be paid to the proper planting of the stride foot.

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