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By Jane Wenham-Jones

100 worthwhile and hilarious information for scuffling with the flab and looking out your most sensible from Jane Wenham-Jones, best-selling writer and columnist.

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Emails from an A**hole: Real People Being Stupid

“It's like Sasha Baron Cohen on the web. ” - Jane Wells, CNBC

When John Lindsay introduced DontEvenReply. com in June 2009, it grew to become an immediate sensation. With 60% of the publication that includes totally new fabric by no means sooner than to be had at the web site, Emails from an Asshole deals lovers a clean chance to experience people's gullibility. Posing as a consumer or vendor, Lindsay answered to numerous ads, making ridiculous deals to unsuspecting sufferers. Their responses, and the consequent conversations, could have readers at the same time giggling continuous and gasping with disbelief.

The Chronicle of Charles Weatherby

The Chronicle of Charles Weatherby is determined within the early Nineteen Eighties and tells the story of Charles, who drifts right into a activity within the urban for which he's absolutely unsuited and, failing to learn the politics on the lengthy tested Stones & Co. , reveals himself peremptorily fired. Unemployed and rusticated, Charles is of the same opinion to visit India on an errand for a chum of his wife's kin.

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She had as a lot company protecting a stray puppy as she had strolling throughout Egypt--which now not so by the way is the name of her favourite hymn. She's Mattie Rigsbee, an self reliant, strong-minded senior citizen, who at seventy eight, could be slowing down just a little. while younger, antisocial Wesley Benfield drops in on her existence, he's even much less most probably a spouse than the stray puppy. yet, after all, the puppy by no means tasted her mouth-watering pound cake. .. .Wise witty, down-home and actual, jogging throughout Egypt is a booklet for everybody.

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North couldn’t believe he was out with this bunch of sorry-ass losers. He was platoon leader, and normally a buck sergeant would be taking a squad out on ambush. But this squad was giving his whole platoon a bad rep. Word had spread up and down III Corps: North had a squad of chickenshits who wouldn’t fight. Well, tonight, that would change. North knew that sound carries at night. Fortunately, they were only a few hundred meters from base camp. A reconnaissance team had reported “beaucoup NVA movement” a few klicks north, and the chickenshit squad was headed out to surprise a few dinks.

By the time North caught up with the squad, they were just fifty meters from the base camp perimeter. “We got lost,” shrugged Limbaugh. “The only rational thing to do was turn back,” Gingrich explained. Gramm nodded. “Gettin’ late, sir. ” The others agreed. ” North planted a pair of claymores in the high grass. That made ten in the kill zone. He ran back to the trees where his men were waiting-cowering, really. They had put in their ambush along a stream about three klicks west of the base. ” North couldn’t tell if the boy was stupid or just scared stupid.

Waylon: Hmmm. Is that anything like that E-mail stuff I’ve been hearing about? Al: Yeah. Sort of. Well, Waylon, I want to thank you. You’ve been very― Waylon: Hey! Guess what! I found that source for that nicotine, lung cancer thingy. Al: Let me guess. Tobacco Institute. Waylon: Bingo! Al: Well, this has been very helpful, Waylon. Thanks. Waylon: My pleasure. Listen, any time you guys need any information . . I got great stuff on the poor. Al: Can’t wait. Waylon: Megadittoes! Al: Megadittoes! 8 OPERATION CHICKENHAWK If you’ve spent any time listening to Limbaugh, you’ve probably heard him call Bill Clinton a draft dodger.

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